• Gary An

    I think the problem was that it’s biggest selling point, Motomaker, was only for AT&T.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robertlyon.author Robert Lyon

      Not to mention not a full quarter, also GS4 is the 4th iteration of the device vs 1rst for the X. Baby compare the two at this point.

    • Karen

      Correct, in addition, AT&T, sprint, Verizon, T-mobile only had the 16GB Moto x for purchase. I wanted to purchase the 32GB Moto X & access Motomaker to add to the design of the phone but could only do that via AT&T. I refuse to have AT&T as my cellphone carrier since I left AT&T due to poor service. Also, all the Android smartphones have 3 groups of apps pre-installed into the android phones including the Moto X: amazon apps, Motorola apps & carrier apps. These 3 groups of apps take up a lot of storage space on a phone, therefore, a 32GB or 64GB phone is needed. I had a 16GB Android phone & I had to constantly re-boot the phone because the phone constantly froze due to lack of storage. Therefore, I ended up purchasing a 64GB 5S IPhone which only has 1 group of apps: apple apps. Apple, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint & Verizon offer the 16, 32 & 64GB 5S IPhone for customers to choose from to purchase in all the colors offered: silver, space grey & gold.

  • e Blogga

    They are making it sound like Motorolla has really been flopping under Google.
    1) Moto X is probably the first device that has Google’s influence.
    2) It’s not avaliable world wide.
    3) It’s new in it’s class for Motorolla.
    4) Give Google a few more years then I think we can be judgemental on their success.

    The only fault that I would give to the folks at Motorolla is they @#$@# up by locking it down to AT&T. This is not the time to make a profit but to get your gears out so people can be familiar with it. Dumb move…

    • poor_carrier_support

      Another failure was poor carrier support of the device. Verizon was too busy pushing their Droids to care about Moto X. In both AT&T and Verizon stores I visited, I barely managed to find a working Moto X. We almost left one Verizon store thinking they didn’t have one. In each store, the Moto X was thrown in the back corner, buried with the crap low end phones.

  • rebirthofcool

    Moto X was the bait, Moto G is the frontrunner for Google besides Nexus line

  • cornerofthemoon

    At least Blackberry can avoid being the only Mexican piñata in tech for awhile.

  • Jay

    I just ordered a black “plain” MOTO X through AT&T for $50 and I can’t wait to get it!

    I really think Motorola didn’t emphasize in their ads that each of the two cores carries a specific task for the phone, letting the phone run quicker and smoother without the need of a quad-core. The lack of that knowledge really shows when people do reviews on YouTube and may mislead people. People probably compare the MOTO X’s specs with the S4, for example, and see it as a low-end rip-off, especially since the inital price at launch of the MOTO X was $199, and no expandable storage, and it makes sense. Heck, I was waiting for the phone to come down in price too, despite my knowledge of the phone’s capabilities.

    Its a underrated phone that had not-so-good marketing from Motorola, despite that funny commercial on YouTube. They came to their senses and started releasing it other carriers (except for TMobile), plus letting Verizon have the MotoMaker option, but they took too long to make changes. Hopefully Motorola will bounce back during the holiday season and sell more phones with their lower prices.

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