Dropped a phone down the toilet? Here’s what to do [infographic]

Dropped a phone down the toilet

So you dropped your phone down the toilet? You have just joined the 15% of people who have admitted to making the same mistake. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Get the phone out ASAP – the longer it’s in water, the less chance you have of saving it.
  2. Turn it off – and if it’s off, don’t try turning it on.
  3. Take out the SIM card, memory card and the battery (if possible).
  4. Using a towel gently dry all the components.
  5. Put the phone in an airtight container filled with uncooked rice, which will absorb moisture. Or use some product that is made for this purpose (if you have it).
  6. Leave the phone in the rice for at least 24 hours.
  7. Hope for the best.

Two things you shouldn’t do:

  1. Do NOT use a hair drier.
  2. Do NOT charge the phone.

After a full day passes, turn on the phone. Hopefully it works. 😉

Dropped a phone down the toilet

[Via: plumbworld.co.uk]

  • Travis

    “Remember, you can always cook something with the rice you just used!”

    …nothing like a lovely rice dish with a hint of toilet water.

  • Edy

    My own (successful) experience:

    1. Get the phone out of the water as fast as possible
    2. Take everything out: SIM, memory card and battery
    3. Rinse the phone thoroughly with water (preferably demineralized water). The purpose is to take out as mush as possible the dirt and minerals. The water is evaporating, but minerals and dirt could remain and will produce short-circuits.

    4. Put the phone in an electric oven at 50 degrees Celsius for a couple of hours. All phones are designed to withstand this temperature, so it will dry up very well without being damaged.
    5. Put everything together and start it up.

    I saved like this several phones. Hope this helps.

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