Installing iOS Beta 6 without a developer’s account

Earlier this week, Apple announced some shiny new features for its upcoming iOS 6 platform, set to release this fall alongside the new iPhone. As is customary with Apple’s announcements, a beta version of iOS 6 is available to those with a registered developers account, though at $99 is a steep price to pay for those of us geeks who just like having access to the latest and greatest version out there.

An alternate methodology from Gotta Be Mobile suggests that you can pay $7-8 through a service called IMZDL, which will hook your UDID up to one of its developer accounts and allow you to install the beta manually through their site. If you have a friend who is a developer, he or she can hook you up by adding your UDID to their account. Just don’t abuse this privilege as you could get your friend’s account suspended if you break the NDA he agreed to when he signed up for his account.

But what if you don’t want to impose on a friend or shell out even $7-8 for access to the beta? Gotta Be Mobile has you covered there as well, though the process is a bit riskier. A current loophole in the iOS 6 beta allows anyone with the knowhow and a little patience to install the beta on their devices. While we don’t necessarily condone this methodology, you can find instructions for how to install the iOS 6 beta on your non-developer iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on the Gotta Be Mobile site linked above. It’s very likely this loophole will be fixed in the next beta release, so you should treat this workaround as temporary.

If you do manage to get iOS 6 installed on your device, be sure to let us know your impressions by leaving a comment below. Happy testing!

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